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House Reef &Watersports

Our palapa at the end of our 160′ dock is the perfect space for relaxing, with its hammocks, benches and fresh water shower. It’s also the jump-off point to our house reef.

Our house reef is only accessible for resort guests. The water surrounding the dock is the ideal spot for snorkeling as well as for a shallow dive (maximum depth 20′), particularly if doing underwater photography, working on buoyancy exercises, or a night dive. The house reef is also one of our dive training areas, and a training area to obtain a lionfish permit through the Roatan Marine Park.

House reef features:


small sunken boat, an artificial habitat for marine life


underwater hoops for buoyancy practice


calm and protected inner reef, including healthy lettuce coral, flower coral and brain coral


commonly sighted marine life on our house reef include: schools of squid, eagle rays, pufferfish, snappers, wrasses, damselfish, flounder, angelfish and butterflyfish


reef propagation project


May 2015 addition of a VW van as another artificial habitat for marine life

There are two swim ladders at the end of the dock, one in waist-deep water, and the other in approximately 12′ of water. Divers can enter the water by using a giant stride entry, and use the sturdy swim ladders to exit after their dive. Our Barefoot Divers valet service will bring tanks and gear to the palapa on the barge and arrange to pick them up after the dive, so all you need to do is jump in!

All divers must be accompanied by a buddy. The palapa dive is $8 per person plus tax. If a guide is needed, there is a $20 guide charge for day dives and $25 guide charge for night dives.

Diving, Snorkeling and Water Play

There’s excellent snorkeling in our extensive and protected “house reef” right off the Barefoot Cay Resort palapa, where a wide variety of marine life occupies the reef inside the breakwater reef wall. Just a short distance from the palapa is Barefoot Cay’s own small sunken boat wreck that is attracting sea life its their hidey-holes. Snorkel-mask-fin sets are available for guests at no charge. Snorkeling and diving is superb on the reef that shelters Barefoot Cay. The coral comes close to the surface, which provides excellent visibility of a myriad of fish and corals. The reef in front of Barefoot Cay features a wall that can be enjoyed either by scuba diving or by snorkeling. Guided snorkel trips to three different locations outside the reef wall can be arranged for guests at Barefoot Cay. Roatan’s most famous day diving site, Mary’s Place, is just outside the reef at Barefoot Cay, as are many other fantastic Roatan dive sites. Mary’s Place encompasses a vast crevice in the reef wall and has breathtaking caverns to explore. John’s Spot, another of Roatan’s most popular dive sites, is also part of the Barefoot Cay reef. There are dive sites for all experience levels and interests, from corals to marine life to drift dives, shark dives, and more. The resort’s onsite 5-star dive service, Barefoot Divers, will take guests for a variety of Roatan’s dive or snorkel experiences. All dives are guided by PADI certified instructors or divemasters, and feature small groups (maximum of 8 divers, but usually fewer) and valet diving service (we do the work, you have the fun). See our website for our onsite PADI 5-star dive center, Barefoot Divers, plus our valet diving service, PADI courses, and Roatan diving information!


Explore Barefoot Cay in one of several models of Cobra kayaks, or on a stand-up paddleboard. Private charter boat trips for diving and snorkeling are available 1/2 day and full day through the dive shop.

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